USDOT Vinyl Letters and Numbers 2inch

USDOT Vinyl Letters and Numbers 2inch
Pricing is based on a MAXIMUM WIDTH OF 22 INCHES. Lettering measuring over 22 inches is an additional fee.
PRICE INCLUDES 2 SETS - one for each side of your vehicle. Pricing also includes up to 4 lines of lettering.

Width of lettering will vary depending upon text and font selected. If a maximum width is desired, please indicate so below.
2 inch letters/numbers = $19.99 set of 2

USDOT Display Requirements: USDOT requires a US DOT Number be applied to each side of all Commercial Vehicles (any trucks exceeding 10,001 pounds) that is readable from 50 feet (2" tall in a contrasting color) and in a readable copy or font. Decal or sticker must be applied to the vehicle and must be permanently attached. See United States Department of Transportation website.

Every vinyl decal order is shipped with full application instructions. Made of high-performance, 2.5 mil calendered adhesive vinyl film, designed to last outdoors for 5+ years.
Please contact us for Multiple Pricing!

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US Dot Text
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