Set of Two Eurotuner Decals

Set of Two Eurotuner Decals
This new set of two Eurotuner decals is die-cut on vinyl. Each decal is approx 9 inches wide x 1.6 inches tall.

You can place it where ever you wish on your european car (VW, BMW, etc) but it's usually placed on the top center of the windshield.

There is NO BACKGROUND (this decal is NOT like a bumper sticker) - it will just be the letters/graphic and what you apply it to will be the background. You can apply it to virtually any hard surface such as your car, your car window, a mirror, computer case, trailer... the list goes on!

Decal is self adhesive; just peel off the wax paper backing and apply. Includes detailed application instructions. This decal is professionally machine die-cut onto minimum five (5) year industry grade vinyl. We sell to many restoration shops and facilities, and we guarantee this decal looks 100% OEM.