Fixin my Flat! Cranial Helmet Decal set, Baby Helmet bling

Fixin my Flat! Cranial Helmet Decal set, Baby Helmet bling
You are buying a set of Stunt Decals for your baby's Doc Band Helmet!
The first colour you choose from the drop down menu is for the text and the second drop down is for the Band-aids.

Fixin' My Flat

This listing is for 2 x Doc Band vinyl stickers in one colour no background SAME COLOUR, BOTH STICKERS... remember you get 2 of these custom stickers! Just in case you have a problem with the first one you get two.
Please read the following!
How do I apply the decals?
For our designs, including name decals, you will receive a piece of transfer paper on top of the decal. Please see our included instructions for more information.
What are your stickers made from?
We only use Avery vinyl. Avery vinyl is a high quality waterproof durable vinyl made for indoor and outdoor use, so it is very durable.
How are your stickers different from other helmet sticker companies?
While other sticker companies only use cut coloured vinyl, we use professional name brand vinyl used by sign shops.
Can I paint the band/helmet first?
Yes. You can use a variety of paints such as craft acrylic paints, just make sure whatever you use is non-toxic. Consult with the band/helmet makers for more details on your particular brand of helmet.
Should I cover the stickers with Mod Podge?
Yes. You can use glossy or matte finish Mod Podge depending on your preference. Apply several coats to the entire helmet or band after you apply your decals. DO NOT use the spray Mod Podge. Re-apply Mod Podge as needed, depending on the wear, to keep the helmet looking the best.
Are the stickers removable?
The stickers are removable, but not reusable. If you wish to change out your design, most helmet companies suggest you use a small amount of nail polish remover containing acetone in order to break down the glue on the sticker.
Will the stickers last the entire treatment period?
Because we use high quality vinyl, the stickers should last the entire treatment time, but varies depending on personal use.

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