Exterior Water & Electricity Decal Set 1980-1992

Exterior Water & Electricity Decal Set 1980-1992
Volkswagen EXTERIOR WATER, WATER TANK & ELECTRICITY decal set, for VW Vanagon/Westfalia 1980-1992

This new VW decal set is an exact reproduction of the original ones on VW Vanagons and Westfalias from 1980 to 1992. It goes on the side of the van, on the water covers and on (or below) the electricity cover. This is the original size with the orginal Delta Six Company info. If yours is old and damaged, or missing, then you WANT THESE DECALS. Collectors plates? You NEED THESE DECALS. If you have updated your system through The Skylight Guy then please order the new set that are slightly smaller. Check out all of the listings!
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