About Decals Only

The quick and simple story of Decals Only

At the time I purchased this online shop I was working at at local sign shop in Victoria, BC. In my job I was able to be creative but it was limited to what the "customer" wanted. I used Decals Onlyt to really allow myself to create something that was interesting, served a purpose, scary, fun, cute and most importantly mine! It was amazing to have that first sale, it validated that what I was creating was cool enough for someone else to buy it!
In 2010 I was thinking about leaving the company I was working at and it just so happened that a client I was doing design work for was selling his company. I purchased Decals Only in January of 2010. I run decalsonly.com its a website that's geared to VW owners who remodel and refurbish classic Volkswagen. I sell all of the original stickers for those vehicles. And now we offer a WHOLE bunch of decals and sticker on the website!

Here at Decals Only we custom cut every order. We use only the high quality vinyl that is specifically for used in the sign industry (no craft material used here!). Our vinyl has a semi gloss finish and looks very much like it was painted on your walls or other surfaces once it is applied. Its durable for 7 years on exterior and unlimited indoors. It's a fun and inexpensive way to change the look of whatever you would like to stick this on!