Glossary of the Sticker and Decal Terms


Bleed is required for stickers that will have color printed off the edge of the sticker. We require 1/16" extra bleed outside of the CUT LINE for all stickers that will have color printed to the edge.

Custom Die Cut Sticker/Decal

A uniquely shaped sticker that follows the outline of your design. Often referred to as a DIE CUT DECAL, your sticker is considered to have a die cut if it has any shape other than a circle, square, oval or rectangle.

DPI = Dots per Inch

The number of individual dots that are within one linear inch. This only applies to raster images.

Eco Solvent Inks= This is what Decals Only uses!

Eco Solvent Inks do not off-gas VOC's (Volitile Organic Compounds), and reduce the impact on the environment.

High Resolution

Any image that is 300dpi/ppi or greater, AKA - Print Resolution

Line Art/ Vector Artwork

Line Art is a graphic design term referring to any two dimensional image consisting of straight or curved lines on a plain background without gradients or colors.

Liner/Backing Paper

The liner is the waxy paper backing that you peel your sticker off.

Low Resolutions

Any raster image that has a resolution of less than 300dpi at the final size of your custom sticker. Web images are generally saved at 72dpi, and most will not print clearly.


The smallest unit of an image that can be adjusted. All non-vector files are made up of pixels. The more pixels per inch you have in your artwork, the higher resolution your artwork will be. Pixels are only found

Printable File Formats

Decals Only can accept the following file types for printing custom stickers. BUT you can only upload .ai, .eps, .pdf, jpegs at this time. If you have questions or need help with your documents please feel free to email them.

  • .psd Adobe Photoshop Document
  • .ai Adobe Illustrator File
  • .jpeg,.jpg JPEG Image File
  • .gif Graphical Interchange Format File
  • .pdf Portable Document Format File
  • .png Portable Network Graphic
  • .eps Encapsulated PostScript
  • .tif Tagged Image File Format
  • .bmp Bitmap Image
  • .indd Adobe InDesign File

Raster Image

A collection of pixels that create an image. For your custom stickers to look the best, all raster images must have a dpi of 300 or greater, at the final size of your custom sticker.

Vector Image

Resolution independent images that are scaleable to any size. Vector images do not contain pixels, as the images are created using mathematical equations. Vector images are preferred for best printing. Decals Only will cut custom decals from the following vector files.

.ai Adobe Illustrator File

.pdf Portable Document Format File

.svg Scalable Vector Graphics

.eps Encapsulated PostScript

Please note that you can only upload .ai, .eps, .pdf, jpg file formats for custom decals.


VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) are commonly found in industrial solvents, and also as carriers in solvent-based inks. VOCs are petroleum based chemical compounds with a high vapor pressure and low water solubility. They are considered toxic, and some VOCs are federally regulated. Decals Only uses Eco-Solvent inks. These inks use a less toxic solvent carrier, and drastically reduce the amount of VOCs emitted into the atmosphere.


A colour, glossy outdoor sticker material with a permanent adhesive. We use top of the line, high performance material that will look great and last outdoors! Our brand of choice is the A7 series of Avery Vinyl.